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Effective Cruising for Couples

Communicating on the Water

Couples and spouses who sail together may not be sailing efficiently, particularly if there is a dominant partner who is the primary or sole source of sailing knowledge and experience.  This two-day course first seeks to provide opportunities to develop good on-board communications habits while understanding and practicing the fundamentals of boat handling.  We will also share techniques all sailors can use to keep everyone on board informed, aware, and involved.  Participants will have a chance to discuss and practice ways to improve their onboard communications and effectiveness.  This program uses discussion, hands-on practice, and role exchange.  We will cover basic theory and skills on Day 1.  Day 2 will reinforce the first day’s skills, integrate them into more complex tasks, and offer opportunities where the couple can practice their communication skills during actual maneuvers.

Day 1:
  1. Introductions (Experience and course goals)
  2. Discuss Current roles aboard
  3. Communications
  4. Review of Basic Principles: Controls for boat handling
  5. Hands-on practice: Boat Handling under power
  7. More Hands-on practice
  8. Introduce Emergency Procedures
  9. Preview tomorrow's material.
Day 2:
  1. Discuss potential obstacles to safe and effective cruising
  2. Using Checklists
  3. Challenge: getting underway with non-primary partner as skipper
  4. Challenge: docking in a slip stern-to with non-primary partner as skipper
  5. LUNCH BREAK (Eat aboard and/or underway)
  6. More Emergency procedures
  7. Challenge: Reefing the sails while underway
  8. Challenge: Man-Overboard drills
  9. More drills and challenges
  10. Open Forum
  11. Feedback

Contact us to schedule training for you and your partner or crew.  Availability is limited!

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