Women's Sailing Weekend

Chef Theresa Vollman Capt. Rob with Jane Stubee Betty Grieve
Chesapeake Flotillas, LLC


Ladies, would you like to learn or practice sailing and coastal navigation skills in a non-competitive, low stress environment? Would your learning be enhanced if you didn't have to worry about provisioning and schlepping bedding? Would you like to spend a weekend on a well-appointed vessel with a highly qualified captain and cook?

Chesapeake Flotillas is offering a three-day weekend of educational and recreational opportunities for up to four women. The target audience is female sailors of primarily crew-level experience. More experienced crew are welcomed as well; however, the weekend will be focused on the crew-level participants. The goal is to offer a low-pressure, supportive environment encouraging everyone to try anything and everything to reinforce knowledge and skills.

This course is offered as a weekend package for 2 to 4 students. The intent is that a group of two or more ladies would share this experience. The cost of the weekend includes a fully equipped 41-foot sailing yacht, the skipper/instructor, experienced crew/cook, provisioning, and bed linens.  Onboard accomodations are double occupancy.  It does NOT include personal adult beverages.   If you are interested in individual opportunities, contact Capt. Rob to discuss the options.

Three-day itinerary

When What
Evening before departure Presentation and discussion on basic sailing
Day 1 Morning Learn and practice setting sail, points of sail, tacking and jibing
Day 1 Afternoon Leisurely sail to evening's destination.  Continue to practice skills, if desired
Day 2 Morning

Learn and practice Coastal Navigation[1] skills including

  • Reading Charts
  • Pilotage
  • Taking bearings
  • Establish position
  • Dead Reckoning, and more
Day 2 Afternoon Leisurely sail to evening's destination.  Continue to practice skills, if desired
Day 3 Putting it all together: Combine coastal navigation with points of sail by planning points
of sail to reach planned destination (return to marina)

[1] If the crew so desires, it may be possible to organize a classroom session before the trip to cover some of the basic Coastal Navigation topics like chart reading and plotting before getting on the water. Training material and potentially room rental charges would apply.

Each day will include a review session once we reach our destination.

Bear in mind that you will only need to bring your clothes, pillow, towels, and personal alcoholic beverages. I will provide provisioning, a cook, and bed linens. The idea is to make it so that you simply have to just show up!

I am happy to answer any questions or concerns. I think this will be a fun trip and a good opportunity to develop skills. If there are particular areas of learning that you would like me to address, I am open to modifying the syllabus to meet your needs and desires.

Cost: A three-day weekend costs $2000. All you have to bring are your clothes, towels, pillow, and a desire for a solid learning experience with a portion of fun.

The total cost of the trip is fixed. A 3-day weekend is $2000 or $500 per person if the maximum of four people participate. If less than four reserve the entire trip, the per person cost increases accordingly. If participants reserve individually, the trip will be conditional upon four ladies paying in full. I reserve the right to cancel the trip if it is not fully paid. Full payment will be required no later than 30 days before the trip. A minimum deposit of $500 will reserve the boat.

Cancellation Policy: If one cancels 45 or more days before the trip, the deposit may be fully refunded. If one cancels 31 to 44 days before the trip, the deposit may be refunded less a 25% administrative fee. If one cancels 30 days or less before the trip, the entire deposit is forfeited. Bear in mind that if one cancels and the berth cannot be filled, the trip may be cancelled altogether. Anyone who has reserved a berth for a trip that has been cancelled will receive a full refund unless that person had cancelled their reservation prior to the decision to cancel the trip, in which case the cancellation rules above will apply.

Reservations: For more information or to schedule your weekend under sail, contact Captain Rob by email or by calling 908.672.3609.

Online Resources

The links below provide basic information on navigation, charts, and knot-tying. All of this will be useful during this trip.

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