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Yacht Delivery

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Capt. Rob Chichester is available for yacht and commercial vessel deliveries along the East Coast and especially the waters between New York Harbor and all points along the Chesapeake Bay.  Having sailed there for nearly 35 years, Capt. Rob is particularly knowledgeable of the approaches, waters, and tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay.  In fact, he keeps his own boat there.  Capt. Rob has command experience on vessels up to 600 tons. He is licensed for both motor and sailing vessels. Capt. Rob treats your boat like it is YOUR boat.  He uses skilled, first-rate crew...people he knows personally who have sailed with him previously.

Prior accepting the job of moving your vessel, you and Capt. Rob will agree to all of the relevant terms which will be detailed in a signed contract.  A contract template is available by clicking here.  This is only a template. The details will need to inserted in the respective places.  This document is provided to form the basis of negotiations on matters of crew, route, and other factors.

Do you need your vessel relocated? Call Capt. Rob at 908.672.3609. Or click here to send email with the details and requirements of moving your vessel.

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